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Our popular Dragonfly pool is the first lake on entering the fishery. Full of large, hard fighting carp and a mix of mirror, commons and linears, the fish are fantastic colours and in pristine condition. The average size carp is around 9-10 pounds with doubles commonplace. If you catch 10 to 12 of the fish on Dragonfly then you will be close to 100lbs of fish! There are also quality silvers including sizeable perch and tench but these can often get pushed aside by the big carp in the summer months.

The match record on this lake since taking full ownership in 2018 is Dean ‘Ziggy’ Lees again with 334 pounds. On the day in question Glyn Clark weighed in a whopping 362 pounds but unfortunately had a net disallowed for exceeding net limits. 150- 200 pounds is also a regular occurrence in the summer months on Dragonfly. Fish our pellets, corn, meat on the hook, maggot and paste (made from our pellets) for best results. Fish are in abundance in the margins on the afternoons so be sure to give this a try! Pellet feeder, bomb and pellet waggler all work well on Dragonfly.

We have an open match every Friday and Saturday, mostly held on Dragonfly or Sandpipers depending on our existing club bookings. Come along and give it a try, all you need to do is book on in advance using our ‘Match’ section on this website and watch the Facebook live draw the night before online to know what peg you’ll be fishing the next day. There are always a friendly bunch of people that fish the open matches regularly and are willing to share their knowledge.

No. Pegs 23 Pool Record Dean ‘Ziggy’ Lees - 334 pounds
(Summer 2018)
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