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This is the first lake on entering the fishery. Full of large hard fighting carp and a mix of Mirror, commons, fully scaled Mirrors and Linears, the fish are fantastic colours and condition. The average size is around 8 pounds with doubles commonplace. If you catch 12 or 13 of the fish on Dragonfly then you will be close to 100lbs of fish!!There are plenty of quality silvers too along with big perch and tench but these often get pushed out of the way in the summer months by the big carp. Biggest carp last year 24 pounds , match record on this lake well over 300 pounds with 200 pounds a regular occurrence in the summer months. If you want to do “The Ton” this is the place to have your match. Fish corn , meat, maggot, worm,  paste ( made form our pellets ) soft and banded pellet and feed our fishery pellets for best results. Fish love the margins on afternoons … Pellet feeder , bomb and pellet waggler all work well.

We have an open every Friday on this lake draw 12pm fish 1-6pm. Come along and give it a try..always a friendly bunch of lads on the open willing to share their knowledge..call the fishery to book in. Some of our Saturday Opens are also on on Dragonfly dependent on club bookings..details on this site.

No. Pegs 43 Pool Record John Keay - 343lbs
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