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Fishing Rules

  1. Barbless hooks MUST be used (maximum size 12)
  2. Handle fish with care at all times, DO NOT wrap any fish in cloths or rags
  3. NO standing with fish for photos under any circumstances
  4. Return fish to the water in a landing net
  5. ALL landing nets must be dry prior to fishing
  6. One landing net per angler
  7. One rod per angler (a second rod is charged at £4)
  8. NO keep nets (except during matches)
  9. Keep nets used in matches MUST enter the site dry. ALL nets WILL be inspected. Wet nets WILL NOT be permitted to enter our waters.(please speak to a member of staff regarding net inspection and weight limits. It’s recommended that you bring 3 nets as F1 and Silvers need to be separate)
  10. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults at all times
  11. An EA license is required by all anglers
  12. NO dogs allowed
  13. NO braid
  14. NO leadcore
  15. NO fixed method or elasticated feeders, bolt rigs or fixed leads (you cannot use x-safe feeders)
  16. NO tapping or cupping water
  17. NO floating poles (a float MUST be used)
  18. Towels, rags or cloths to be used at the fishery MUST be clean and dry (this prevents the spread of diseases from other venues and avoids contamination)
  19. NO groundbait
  20. NO Boilies (Bandums and wafters are allowed up to 10mm in size)
  21. NO hemp or particle baits (sweet corn is ok)
  22. NO Bread at all
  23. NO floating baits
  24. NO liquidised baits (you cannot feed meat or macaroni)
  25. NO seafood baits of any kind (e.g. prawns, mussels etc)
  26. NO Dog or Cat food allowed
  27. Luncheon meat is to only be used as hook bait only
  28. NO feeding of meat of any kind
  29. NO Cookers/gas canisters allowed (Anglers MUST NOT cook on site)
  30. Unused bait MUST NOT be thrown into the pools when you have finished fishing, please dispose of this in the grey bin or behind your peg

Hookbaits Allowed

  • Luncheon meat
  • Corn
  • Maggots (maximum amount of 2 pints combined with castors)
  • Castors (maximum amount of 2 pints combined with maggots)
  • Worms
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Hooker Pellets
  • Paste (this is only permitted when using our pellets)

Feed baits allowed

  • Pellets (must be bought from us- maximum 6 pints)
  • Corn (1kg)
  • Worms
  • Maggots (maximum amount of 2 pints combined with castors)
  • Castors (maximum amount of 2 pints combined with maggots)