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Sandpipers is the largest of our lakes with 2 islands, right down the bottom of the complex. Again, a very picturesque setting and a favourite with a lots of carp anglers. Those that haven’t fished Sandpipers are certainly missing out on some great action. This pool has a large head of carp averaging around 7-8 pounds, with lots of 2-3 pound carp but also some very big lumps into the doubles.  The largest carp caught in 2020 was a mirror, weighing just over 23 pounds, hA few silvers can also be found in Sandpipers, including some big roach and perch up to 2 pounds that are being caught on occasion.

Fish with a feeder , pellet waggler or pole for best results. Fish pellets, corn, and paste made from our pellets, which can all be purchased in our tackle shop. Weekly open matches are often held on Sandpipers on a Friday or Saturday which can be booked on the ‘Match’ section of this website. This pool can also be booked for Club Matches in advance, please give us a call if you wish to do this. The Match record weight on here is Dean ‘Ziggy’ Lees  with 262lb from peg 30.

Please note that although we have some large carp, we are NOT a specimen fishery. We ask that you observe the rules before your visit to protect the pristine fish we have on site.

No. Pegs 46 Pool Record Dean Ziggy Lees - 262lbs
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