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The smallest of our lakes but very pretty and peaceful. Whispers has one island and is a really mixed bag. You never know what you are going to catch next! The carp in this pool are in pristine condition and weights can go up into the doubles but on average around 5 – 6 pounds. There is also a good head of silvers and F1’s in Whispers, including established tench up to the 3 pound mark and roach, perch , bream and the odd chub. The match record for this pool to date is 188 pounds. Pole works well with all the usual baits and similar to the other pools, down the margins later on in the day is also successful. Try the maggot or castor for a really mixed bag of fish with bites all day long. The pellet feeder and waggler work well on this pool.

No. Pegs 18 Pool Record - 188lb
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